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It’s not surprising that most women experience trepidation, and even fear, when they are shopping for engagement rings in Nixburg, AL. Choosing the perfect Nixburg, AL engagement ring to symbolize your love for your spouse-to-be, one that will remain stunning for the long run, is a daunting task. If you feel terrified about the prospect of selecting that one, perfect engagement ring in Nixburg, AL, you are not alone.

BC Custom Jewelry is here, ready and excited to help you design your Nixburg, AL engagement ring. We will help you work within your budget and guide you through the rather tedious process of buying an engagement ring. From the sizing to the shape of the stone to the end result that you will fall in love with, our expertise in Nixburg, AL engagement rings combined with your visions will bring your dream ring to life.

Multi-Stone vs Single Diamond

One difficult decision that women struggle with is the choice between a multi-stone engagement ring and a single diamond engagement ring. Which one is the best? The answer comes down to personal choice and how the ring looks on the hand that will be wearing it.

If you look far back into history, you will realize that the single stone diamond engagement ring (the “solitaire”) was the popular choice. However, more recently, the 3-diamond engagement ring has become more popular, probably due to the personality and the diversity that it offers. If you select a 3-stone diamond engagement ring in Nixburg, AL, you can choose different sized stones to accent the band. You can even decide to design your Nixburg, AL engagement ring with a diamond as the center stone and your birthstone or favorite gemstone on either side of the diamond, or vice versa.


Everyone knows the symbolism that a traditional one-stone diamond engagement ring offers. Just one glance and people know that this piece of jewelry represents love and commitment. The 3-stone diamond engagement ring has become a desirable prospect because of the symbolism that it carries. Many Nixburg, AL engagement ring designers (as well as jewelry designers around the world) will refer to this type of ring as a trilogy ring or a trinity ring. It symbolizes the past, present and future of the union or can represent fidelity, love and friendship.


If cost is an issue and you need to stick within a smaller budget, you may be surprised to find out that the 3-stone ring may actually cost less than the one-stone engagement ring. This is especially true if you select a gemstone for the center stone and accompany it with smaller diamonds for the side stones. Take a look around at engagement rings in Nixburg, AL and you will see that this combination is just as stunning as the traditional, one-stone diamond engagement ring.

Another thing to consider is that selecting three smaller diamonds that add up to 3 carats can cost less than one 3-carat diamond. Therefore, even though the task of choosing an engagement ring in Nixburg, AL is already overwhelming, you can definitely design a ring with more variety if you consider an engagement ring with three stones.

The Classic and Traditional Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Of course, no other ring in the world is as classic, traditional and graceful as a solitaire diamond engagement ring. It is a timeless piece that puts the diamond at the center of attention on your hand. Women love the solitaire ring because it is practical and people recognize it immediately as an engagement ring. While a three-stone ring that includes a birthstone gem, for example, could be mistaken simply for a custom made birthstone ring or a mother’s ring, the diamond solitaire is unmistakably an engagement ring.

Coordinating the Wedding Ring

When shopping for a solitaire engagement ring in Nixburg, AL, most women keep in mind the type of wedding band that they plan to purchase. The wedding band is an important factor, because you want to be able to carefully coordinate the engagement ring with the wedding band so that the two look stunning as a combo. You want both rings to complement each other and not clash or look too overwhelming. Solitaire engagement rings tend to coordinate easier with wedding bands than the three-stone rings.

No matter what stage you are in the engagement ring purchasing process, BC Custom Jewelry can design and craft your choice of either a diamond solitaire engagement ring or a three-stone engagement ring. The choice between traditional and more modern is completely up to you. Just let us know what tickles your fancy and we will custom craft the Nixburg, AL engagement ring of your dreams in a timely manner.