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We are not sure how many men will openly admit the emotional rollercoaster they were riding on when they were searching for the perfect engagement ring in Broxton, GA. While we are sure that there are conversations between some of these men behind closed doors, when one experienced engaged man is confiding in his soon-to-propose buddy, it is not often you hear men talking about shopping for engagement rings and warning each other about the emotions entailed.

That is why we are going to put it out there for you, men. Popping the question itself is somewhat nerve-wracking, even if you know she is going to break down and tears, kiss you and exclaim, “Yes! I will marry you!” Every single woman in this world seems to have such different personal style tastes that choosing the perfect engagement ring in Broxton, GA is almost an impossible feat.

Without further ado, here are some of the secrets that men are not-so-quick to share about their Broxton, GA engagement ring experiences:

  1. Asking for her hand in marriage is definitely awkward – Before you even start to look for an engagement ring in Broxton, GA, there is a very crucial step you need to take. Even if you have known her parents for ten years and they absolutely love you, it is still not an easy task to formally ask them if you can have permission to marry their daughter. You have no idea what they are going to say, what questions they will have for you, and how they will react. Our words of advice? Make up your mind, practice what you are going to say, and then do it!
  2. You will need the advice of your – and her – friends – Let’s face it, shopping for engagement rings in Broxton, GA isn’t something that you do all of the time. (Hopefully, you will only do it once in your entire life!) This isn’t a time to strike out and go at it alone. Talk to your male friends who have shopped for engagement rings in Broxton, GA, and consult with her friends, as well, for insight into what she likes and doesn’t like. Her friends may have some great insight for you. Just be careful who you confide in – some people cannot keep a secret!
  3. This is not about you – You may think that you have pretty good taste in jewelry, but this isn’t one of those times that you are shopping for a gift that she’s going to say, “Well…it was the thought that counts…” This is one of those times when you want to hit the nail on the head, or, better yet, knock the ball out of the park. So, forget about what you think she would like and do your research to ensure you get an engagement ring in Broxton, GA that she is going to love.
  4. Do not assume that all diamonds are equal – Men and women alike make this same mistake. Diamonds are stunning, no matter how small, and usually despite their quality. They reflect light and sparkle and are simply eye-catching. Educate yourself about the 4C’s of diamonds before you shop for an engagement ring in Broxton, GA and be sure to understand how quality and pricing relate.
  5. You can afford a custom-made Pembroke Pine engagement ring – Big dollar bill signs probably pop into your head when you hear the words “custom-made jewelry”, but the truth is, custom made engagement rings in Broxton, GA are not necessarily expensive and complicated. Let’s say, for instance, that you know she will fall in love with the marquis setting on one ring, but you want a higher grade diamond in the setting. Then, you find a band that has an intricate design that would Wow her. This is where a custom-made ring comes into play – all three of the features that you want can be combined into one.
  6. Expect to be exhausted – You have been to all of the possible Broxton, GA engagement ring stores, consulting with everyone you trusted, spent hours and hours hunting down the perfect ring, and have been granted permission to ask for her hand in marriage from her parents. Trust us, you will be exhausted and it will probably cross your mind to just hurry up and propose to her. But, you still have one more very important thing to do: plan the proposal. Remember, you will only have one opportunity to propose to her and get it right, so spend a little time planning out the proposal.

While we cannot promise that this advice will completely remove the emotional rollercoaster from your life, we do hope that it helps you find the perfect engagement ring in Broxton, GA. Good luck, and if we can help you further, contact BC Custom Jewelry.