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Wilmington, DE wedding bands

So, you are in the market for Wilmington, DE wedding bands! Congratulations from us here at BC Custom Jewelry! This is a special time for you, a time when you combine your life with and commit yourself to the person who you love. We understand that you want every aspect of your wedding to be perfect, and while wedding rings are small in size, they are big in symbolism and happen to be one of the most important parts of a wedding for most couples.

Bridal Ring Sets

Some couples decide at this point in time to exchange the engagement rings in for a bridal ring set that includes a coordinating engagement ring and wedding ring. While you could find a Wilmington, DE wedding band that closely matches your current engagement ring, when you purchase a bridal set that is made to fit together seamlessly, you will always own a stunning combination. The unified design of a bridal ring set brings together the commitment of the engagement and the wedding in a symbolic way, as well.

Custom Crafted Bridal Ring Sets

Most of the stores that sell wedding bands in Wilmington, DE offer great selections of bridal ring sets. What these Wilmington, DE wedding band stores may not offer is our specialty here at BC Custom Jewelry: our custom made bridal ring sets. Whether you are purchasing the pre-planned bridal ring set at the time of engagement or you are planning on upgrading the original engagement ring for a bridal ring set, we are here to help you design exactly what you are looking for.

Unlike pre-made bridal ring sets that you find in most Wilmington, DE wedding band stores, our custom made bridal ring sets are uniquely and carefully crafted, one-by-one and specifically for the person they are designed for. All of the intricate details that you have dreamed about can be carefully incorporated into the bridal ring set of your dreams in our Wilmington, DE wedding band store. The two separate rings are delicately designed to your desires and then fitted together flawlessly.

Ideas for the Bridal Set

Ultimately, the bridal set you choose will match your needs, desires and personal style. If you are the traditional type of gal who likes the sleek, customary appeal, you may fall in love with a classic wedding band in Wilmington, DE that pairs well with the solitaire diamond engagement ring. Together, these two types of rings create that traditional, no-fuss appeal, yet also look simple and elegant on your finger.

If you are a diamond lover who wants to look at your hand and see hundreds of sparkles reflecting in the sunshine, you can choose to have both rings loaded down with diamonds. A 3-stone engagement ring that is paired with a diamond-wrapped Wilmington, DE wedding band will create a modern and sophisticated appeal. The brilliance of all of the diamonds in both rings, combined together on your finger, will add sparkle and shine to your hand like no other bridal set.  

Indented Wedding Rings

For the real diamond lovers who prefer one, very large diamond to show off to your friends, you may want to consider an indented wedding band to accompany the engagement ring. The indented wedding bands are crafted to wrap around the large, singular diamond for a snug and perfect fit, making the two rings appear as if they are one when worn together. Don’t worry; the indentation that we are referring to is more like a curve in the metal, rather than an awkward angled indentation, that is made to fit together perfectly with the solitaire diamond. Many women love the symbolism that this unification of rings represents.

Gold & Diamond Contrasting

While the white gold that is laden with diamonds has become quite popular for Wilmington, DE wedding bands, there is nothing that compares to the traditional contrast of diamonds on gold wedding and engagement bands. The gold of the band makes the diamonds stand out and seem to shine more, showing off their natural glimmer and radiance.

As you search through the wedding bands in Wilmington, DE that are on display in the cases or on the Internet, take a look at the difference between the bands that have white gold with diamonds and the ones with yellow gold with diamonds. You will see how the yellow gold definitely creates a stunning contrast compared to the white gold.

We wish you luck in your search for the perfect Wilmington, DE wedding band or bridal set and we invite you to contact us anytime to discuss your needs if you happen to decide that you are interested in having a custom made bridal set or Wilmington, DE wedding band made to fit your specific needs. We are dedicated to spending as much time as necessary with you to ensure that the finished product of your bridal ring set comes out exactly as you dreamed and envisioned.