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Peeples-vly, AZ engagement rings

This article is geared more toward the guys than it is toward the women. While women may have a say in the choice of their Peeples-vly, AZ engagement ring, it is customary for the man to go out and find the perfect ring on his own. And, if the task seems daunting to a woman, the concept of finding the ideal engagement ring in Peeples-vly, AZ when you are a guy can seem far beyond daunting, and much closer to impossible. There are so many different styles and designs, and then there is the matter of sizing – it all can become so confusing and frustrating.

At BC Custom Jewelry, we have helped walk and guide many men through the process of finding that one-of-a-kind, perfectly crafted engagement ring for their ladies. There is a method to the madness when you are shopping for engagement rings in Peeples-vly, AZ. As experts in the field of custom made jewelry, we can help you skip past running through store after store in the Peeples-vly, AZ area by spending some time with you to figure out what you want in an engagement ring – and we can custom make it for the woman in your life!

Making it Less Daunting

Think about some of the bigger and longer-term purchases that you have made in your life – your car, your house, even a big screen television. Buying a Peeples-vly, AZ engagement ring requires a similar purchasing process. This analogy may not make as much sense to a woman as it does to a man. We say it because we hope that it takes some of the stress out of the engagement ring purchasing process.

Let’s start with the basics.


Whenever you are making a bigger, long-term purchase that requires a commitment, you contemplate the amount of money you are willing to spend on the item. Knowing your budget for an engagement ring in Peeples-vly, AZ will help to determine many different aspects of the ring itself as you continue your way through the purchasing process.

There is a rule that you may have heard of that says you should spend approximately two month’s worth of your salary on an engagement ring. But, we digress from this “golden rule”. We tend to go with the “it’s the thought that counts” and think that you should remain a bit flexible with your budget so that you can incorporate all of the intricate details in the ring that you desire.

Should She Know?

While things have definitely changed in the world of engagements and engagement rings, it is still customary for men to surprise the love of their life with a ring that he chooses on his own. Couples might look around for engagement rings in Peeples-vly, AZ together out of practicality, but when men take the traditional route, it tends to make women swoon more than the more practical route.

Look in Her Jewelry Box

It helps tremendously if you can find out what her ring size is without her knowledge. And, while it may be tricky, it helps even more if you can grab a ring out of her jewelry box and borrow it just long enough to get it to us so that we can take appropriate measurements for her Peeples-vly, AZ engagement ring.

Yes, you could certainly resize the ring that we custom made if necessary, but wouldn’t it be so much easier – not to mention, impressive - if the ring fit perfectly the first time around? After all, most women do not want to remove their Peeples-vly, AZ engagement rings once they put them on. Be sure to select a ring that you know fits her properly, but stay away from the ones that she wears quite often, because you don’t want her to notice that it is gone.

While you are in her jewelry box, take a look at the types of styles and designs that she wears the most. Consider the gemstone shapes that appeal to her, as well as the width of the bands. Does she tend to wear pear shaped gemstones that are set on thin bands? These are excellent clues that will help custom make the perfect Peeples-vly, AZ engagement ring for her.    

Take Her Shopping

Take her shopping and purposely stop to look at watches to gather more “jewelry intel”. Women are intuitive, though. Be prepared for her to pick up on any questions that you ask and guess that you are fishing for information for her Peeples-vly, AZ engagement ring. Try not to be too obvious or ask too many questions. Pay attention to what she likes and then skip on to the next department.

Have fun with shopping for an engagement ring in Peeples-vly, AZ, don’t stress the small details, and look forward to the look that you will see on her face when you present her with the ring.