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Murphys, CA engagement rings

Proposing to that special woman in your life can be an exciting moment. Looking for engagement rings in Murphys, CA can be intimidating, however, to say the least. There are so many different engagement rings in Murphys, CA to choose from, and the last thing you want to do is to select something that you wife-to-be is less than happy with. Of course, she is going to pretend that she loves the ring that you present her, but you will be able to tell by her first reaction whether she is pretending or not.

Certainly, you can go with the timeless and traditional classic, the diamond solitaire engagement ring, but if your bride-to-be happens to love jewelry with a colorful flair, you may want to look in another direction. While the diamond solitaire has been an all-time favorite for a very long time, more recently, a new trend in Murphys, CA engagement rings has come to light.

Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

Have you seen the non-diamond engagement rings in Murphys, CA yet? They are definitely becoming more popular due to their uniqueness and color. If the woman of your dreams happens to be in love with her birthstone, or any other colored stone, for that matter, you may score big points with a non-diamond engagement ring. Women love to realize that her man actually took into consideration what she likes, and when you present her with an engagement ring that features her favorite stone, she will know that you have been paying attention.

Here are some of the popular non-diamond engagement rings in Murphys, CA and the pros and cons of each one:

The Opal Engagement Ring

Opals come in a wide range of colors, which makes it a highly desirable stone for Murphys, CA engagement rings. When light reflects through an opal, you will see that range of colors shining through. No two opals are the same for this reason. One factor of the opal that makes people think twice about purchasing it on an engagement ring is that it does tend to dry out and crack if stored, however if worn all the time, the oils of people’s skin should keep the opal from becoming dry.

The Topaz Engagement Ring

Topaz is one of those chameleon gemstones that come in a wide variety of colors. Some topaz gems are blue, while others can be orange or yellow. The stone is extremely strong, and happens to be the birthstone for November. Blue topaz is incredibly beautiful, but when you purchase a Murphys, CA engagement ring, you are buying for “forever”, and the blue topaz is known to lose its luster after some time, because many of these gemstones are treated in laboratories to add color.

Topaz can scratch fairly easily; therefore they must be handled with care. Therefore, while the blue topaz is astonishing on Murphys, CA engagement rings, it may not last forever.

The Amethyst Engagement Ring

The deep violet hue of amethyst is certainly an eye-catcher. If your wife-to-be was born in February, this is her birthstone. It is quite strong, and as a matter of fact, just one notch under the topaz in strength, but impurities in the gemstone can make it weaker. The level of strength affords this stone to be shaped easily, however this is also its weakness, because it can develop blemishes when it is worn.

The Emerald Engagement Ring

The deep and alluring green of the emerald makes it one of the most eye-catching gemstones to add onto a Murphys, CA engagement ring. It falls into the same rating as the amethyst for strength, and is considered a highly precious gemstone. They tend to make some of the best non-diamond engagement rings; however it is important to note that emeralds must be oil-treated periodically in a vacuum chamber, which means that your loved one will have to understand that her engagement ring needs regular maintenance.

Unfortunately, the treatments that emeralds require are also part of their undoing, so to speak, because they tend to damage the structural integrity of the stone. This means that you can expect this stone to show blemishes and cracks as time goes on.

So, while it is definitely a unique concept to choose a Murphys, CA engagement ring that includes a gemstone that is non-diamond, there are certainly some things to consider when selecting the right gemstone for the ring. Another option that you have is the 3-stone engagement ring, which can be designed with the gemstones that you choose. With the 3-stone engagement ring, you can select the diamond as the center stone and then two smaller non-diamond gemstones on the sides of the diamond.

The diamond is the strongest stone on this list, which makes it the most practical of all for a Murphys, CA engagement ring. While you are shopping for engagement rings in Murphys, CA, give BC Custom Jewelry a call to find out how we can help you with your custom jewelry needs.