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Sangre-de-cri, CO engagement rings

If you have been stressing out about finding the perfect engagement ring in Sangre-de-cri, CO, you are not alone! Women tend to get stressed out, because an engagement ring is such a vital aspect in proclaiming love, fidelity, and ultimate commitment. Sangre-de-cri, CO engagement rings are not just beautiful pieces of jewelry; they are also symbols of the relationship that is being entered into.

BC Custom Jewelry - What We Offer

BC Custom Jewelry understands how important Sangre-de-cri, CO engagement rings are to the women (and men) who buy them, and that is why we do not simply offer a select stock of engagement rings to our customers. What we offer is much more customized and personal. We prefer to provide you with our custom designed jewelry, rather than generic settings that are placed on the traditional band.

Forget all of the generic engagement rings in Sangre-de-cri, CO that you have been feeling let down about. We provide you with your choice of metals, settings, center stone shape, center stone carat size, and much more for your Sangre-de-cri, CO engagement ring. You can essentially show us pictures of the different Sangre-de-cri, CO engagement rings that you have been looking at, tell us what you think each one was missing, in your opinion, and we will take all of your thoughts, visions, and concerns, and turn them into your dream engagement ring – one that will top any engagement ring in Sangre-de-cri, CO, by far.

History of Engagement Rings

Let’s take a look back at the history of engagement rings. Not just the Sangre-de-cri, CO engagement rings that you see in the stores, but engagement rings in general. Did you know that the first exchange of a diamond engagement ring occurred all the way back in 1477? Although a similar ring exchanges had taken place before this time, this is the first diamond engagement ring exchange that is on record. It was Mary Burgundy who received the first engagement ring – the first token of love - from her love, Archduke Maximillian.

Before the diamond engagement ring exchange mentioned above, rings did not have the diamond setting. They were simple bands made of either silver or white gold, if one could afford it, and commoners exchanged bands that were made of iron, because they could not afford the likings of gold and silver. Sometimes, the bands had settings that included inexpensive gems, however diamonds were unheard of until Archduke Maximillian started the tradition.

Symbolism of Engagement Rings

While you were shopping for engagement rings in Sangre-de-cri, CO, you may not have thought about the symbolism that they carry. Yes, there is the symbolism that we mentioned above; the love and the commitment and the fidelity. But, there is further symbolism that many people do not often think about.

Consider the circle and the symbolism of a circle. Then, add that to the metal that is used for the band of the engagement ring. Circles alone offer a geometric symbolism that is sacred. When you look at a circle, you may realize that they do not have a beginning and they never end. This continuum symbolizes renewal, wholeness, eternity and even perfection. Think about circles (or spheres) that are in your world, like the sun, the moon, the planets, and how they all revolve around each other and create life forces, like two beings that are brought together.

Deeper Symbolism

Engagement rings can carry even deeper symbolism. For example, the ring can be made with personal symbolism. Antique engagement rings, like your grandmother’s engagement ring, carry a deeper symbolism because it not only stood for the love between your grandmother and grandfather, but now symbolizes your love, as well. Ethnic traditions and family ties can be symbolized with bands like the Celtic engagement rings. The list goes on and on.

Not all engagement rings in Sangre-de-cri, CO can help you capture the symbolism that is in your heart and soul. Even if you visit every Sangre-de-cri, CO engagement ring store available, you may still not find the perfect ring to display how you feel. That is why getting your Sangre-de-cri, CO engagement ring custom made may just be the right answer for you, your relationship and your commitment.

Who would think about all of these amazing things while they are shopping for engagement rings in Sangre-de-cri, CO? Not many people do, but BC Custom Jewelry thinks about all of this: the symbolism, the deeper levels of symbolism, the reasons why the first diamond engagement ring was given, and the reasons why people exchange engagement rings in Sangre-de-cri, CO. We understand how important your engagement ring is to you, and we cannot wait to work with you on crafting the perfect engagement ring to reflect your personal symbolism.