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Us-coast-guard-acad, CT engagement rings

It is a truly exciting endeavor to look through the assortment of engagement rings in Us-coast-guard-acad, CT, in the search for the perfect one for your own engagement! We also understand, however, that it can be a daunting task to try to find the perfect engagement ring in Us-coast-guard-acad, CT. Why is it so daunting? Well, of course, you have to find a ring that will flawlessly define and symbolize the love that you have the love of your life.

Where Do I Start?

We, at BC Custom Jewelry (the store where you will definitely find the perfect engagement ring in Us-coast-guard-acad, CT), believe that you should take many different things into consideration before you decide exactly how to design your engagement ring. A good place to start, before you run to every Us-coast-guard-acad, CT engagement ring store, is to think about your engagement ring style. While most women tend to have a mixture or combination of different jewelry styles that they like, most women can safely say that there is a certain style category that they love the most.

Let’s discuss the categories of jewelry style so that you can narrow down the style of engagement rings in Us-coast-guard-acad, CT that you will love the most. If you think about it, you, just like every other woman on the planet, do have a personal style that you love. Your clothing style – or even your choice of wedding gown – can help you understand what your jewelry style actually is. Here is a quick look at the three categories of style for jewelry:

Vintage Engagement Rings

Do you find yourself stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, your eyes drawn to the vintage styles in thrift stores, consignment stores and vintage stores? Are you planning to wear your great great grandmother’s wedding dress when you walk down the aisle? Do you enjoy reading about history and find yourself staring in awe while looking at pictures of the women dressed in clothing from the 1800’s? Do you frequent antique stores and treasure your antique china sets?

If this sounds like you, you may fall into the vintage style category for an engagement ring. You may fall right in love with an engagement ring in Us-coast-guard-acad, CT that is made of yellow gold, white gold, platinum or palladium that reflects the past. Look toward the likings of pave diamonds, halo rings and milgrain accents to give you more ideas of the vintage style. BC Custom Jewelry can design the perfect engagement ring in Us-coast-guard-acad, CT for you if you realize that vintage is your ultimate style.

Classic Engagement Rings

Take a peek in your closet. What does it look like? If you happen to have more basic taste, which includes the essentials, like your classic black dress and other solid colors, you may fall into the classic category. If your grandmother’s pearls is your favorite necklace and your favorite pair of shoes is a narrow pair of black heels, classic may be your appeal.

We, at BC Custom Jewelry, happen to love the classic style! It may seem boring and dull and somewhat “square” to most people, but classic reminds us of Us-coast-guard-acad, CT engagement rings that reflect the likings of Jackie Onassis and Grace Kelly, two women who resemble the epitome of the classic style! We would aim you at a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring to complement your style. The diamond eternity that was worn by Audrey Hepburn could also be right up your alley.

Modern Engagement Rings

You may find that neither one of the other ring style categories sound anything like you. You tend to lean toward a more modern appeal, with an adoration for the newer clothing styles on the market and contemporary art. The space-appeal architecture of new buildings and structures may grab your attention and keep you in awe as you drive through the city. If this sounds more like you, you will probably be happier with a more modern styled engagement ring in Us-coast-guard-acad, CT. Often, women who want something newer and more modern like to bring in pictures of their favorite modern art to show us what inspires them.

BC Custom Jewelry loves to work with women who are attracted to the different styles of engagement rings in Us-coast-guard-acad, CT! This means that we need to listen to you carefully and think outside of the box to achieve your perfect engagement ring, and we enjoy the challenge! We take their visions and turn them into Us-coast-guard-acad, CT engagement rings that are stunning.

Regardless of your ring style, our Us-coast-guard-acad, CT engagement rings always come out with stunning presence and awe-inspiring beauty. BC Custom Jewelry simply takes your engagement ring style and expands upon it to create your perfect engagement ring. We strive to not only help you find your ring style, but to make the engagement ring of your dreams come to life.