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Marshallton, DE engagement rings

It is tempting to go out into the Marshallton, DE engagement ring stores and find the most elaborate, intricately-detailed engagement ring for the love of your life! However, before you run out and do that, let’s take into consideration a few things that you may not have thought about. Marshallton, DE engagement rings are a “forever” thing, so when you make the final purchase, you want to ensure that it is the perfect choice for “forever”.

So, where would you start in your search for the perfect Marshallton, DE engagement ring for your future spouse? You can get a lot of ideas right in the comfort of your home by looking around the Internet at the different styles of engagement rings. Before you start that search, we have a few thoughts for you.

The “Forever” Factor

It has long been the tradition for the man to shop for the engagement ring on his own and keep it a surprise. This does not mean that you should not consult with her friends and family during your Marshallton, DE engagement ring search, but that you should only consult with people who can easily keep your secret. If you are truly trying to surprise her, the last thing that you want is a best friend of hers telling her that you are going to propose and describing the ring to her before you get the chance to “do the deed”.

In your search for the perfect engagement ring in Marshallton, DE, you are going to come across many different styles and designs of engagement rings. When we mentioned the fact that you should think about the “forever” factor, what we mean is that you should think about purchasing an engagement ring that will not only be loved immediately when you present it to the lady of your life, but it should be loved forever by her. Engagement rings in Marshallton, DE that are trendy and unique today may go out of style ten years from now, and that is what you want to make sure you steer away from.

Here are some of the trends for engagement rings in Marshallton, DE today that you want to think carefully about before purchasing. This does not mean that we expect these particular aspects to go out of style, but that we suggest that you think carefully about trends before making your final purchase. Sometimes, sticking to a more classic version of the engagement ring is the best choice, but only you can make that decision.

Unique Shapes

It may be exciting and different to present the love of your life with an engagement ring in Marshallton, DE that includes a uniquely shaped diamond. However, you have to think about the size and length of fingers that she has. Each shape works best on a certain sized finger, while others look awkward.

For example, if she has short fingers, the pear, marquis and oval elongated shapes will look best on her hands. A wide band is going to make her fingers appear shorter and squatter. If she has what we call “piano-playing” fingers, which are long and thin, the princess cut and the radiant cut, which are square-shaped, will give the illusion of shorter fingers.

Additionally, if your lady has larger hands, you want to avoid ring settings and bands that are thin and delicate. A marquis or an emerald cut is going to make her hands look extraordinarily disproportional. You should look for cuts like rounded or heart-shaped diamonds for her instead.

3-Stone Engagement Rings

There was a time when Marshallton, DE engagement rings were solely solitaire diamond rings, but today, you will notice that 3-stone engagement rings have become quite popular. Before you jump at the thought of a 3-stone engagement ring, you need to think carefully about this trend, as well. Yes, you can do more with a 3-stone Marshallton, DE engagement ring, but is that as important as keeping it simple?

With the 3-stone engagement ring, you do not have to be limited to just one diamond. On the contrary, you can actually add her birthstone as the center stone and then complement it with diamonds on each side. Or, you can decide to do just the opposite and choose a diamond for the center stone and add her birthstone as two smaller stones next to the diamond.

But, when it all boils down, Marshallton, DE engagement rings that are made with a classic appeal are still the most popular on the market. This is because “classic” styles never go out of style, no matter which century we progress into. So, don’t overlook the more basic, classic and traditional styles of engagement rings in Marshallton, DE and get caught up in the trends that may go out of style only a few years down the line.