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Did you know that there were rules about purchasing engagement rings? As you start your search for engagement rings in Clementsville, ID, we want you to be informed about your decisions. It is already difficult enough – not to mention stressful – to try to pick out an engagement ring in Clementsville, ID that will undoubtedly make the woman who you plan to propose to swoon. These “rules” will help guide you through the selection process to ensure that you understand which factors of the Clementsville, ID engagement ring are most important and which are least important.

Shape is Extremely Crucial

While most people would think that the size (of the diamond) matters most, the most crucial factor is actually the shape of the stone. Before you start to worry about the quality (the 4C’s) of the diamond, you really need to consider which shape is going to be best for her. First and foremost, do not confuse the “shape” with the “cut” (which happens to be one of the 4C’s) of the diamond. The shape is the geometrical form of the stone, while the cut relates to the facets and the angles of the diamond.

In addition to knowing which shape of diamond your fiancée would desire the most on her Clementsville, ID engagement ring, you have to take into consideration that her finger shape and length will also impact this decision. Women with long, skinny fingers need a shape that will complement their hand, without overwhelming it, like the rounded or square shaped diamonds. Women with larger, thicker fingers are going to look better with medium sized or elongated shapes, like the oval shaped diamond.

Next in Line is the Setting

The setting, if you are still learning about the different parts of engagement rings in Clementsville, ID, is the metal structure that your diamond is mounted inside of. The setting of a ring can essentially set the tone for the entire engagement ring. Basically, you want to match the shape of the diamond with the right setting for the best presentation that the Clementsville, ID engagement ring can offer.

You may want to pay close attention to her “ring style” by watching the rings that she wears often – or even peeking in her jewelry box, if possible, to get an idea of which setting would be her favorite. If she happens to wear a ring with her birthstone on it, take a good look at the shape of the stone and the setting that was used. If she does not wear any rings, you may want to ask a close friend or family member of hers for advice, but be sure to make them promise not to say a word!

Metal Type Is Also Vital

Engagement rings in Clementsville, ID come in several types of metals. If she has sensitive skin, you may want to consider platinum, which is not only a popular metal for Clementsville, ID engagement rings, but is also a great hypoallergenic option. Gold offers a variety of colors to choose from, including rose, yellow and white. Palladium engagement rings in Clementsville, ID offer a hue that is on the grayer side of the spectrum, or you can even find rings that are made with a metal mixture to present a contrasting appeal.

Toss the Two-Month’s Salary Rule

If anyone has given you advice about buying Clementsville, ID engagement rings, you may have heard that you should plan to spend two month’s worth of salary on your fiancée’s engagement ring. You can toss this myth away right now. What you should do is purchase the most stunning ring that you can afford without creating any debt. If you want the diamond to appear bigger, then look for a stone that is not cut as deep and displays more surface area. A diamond can weigh in with a heavy carat weight, but if it is cut deep and most of the diamond is below the surface of the setting, then it will not look as large as one with most of the carat weight above the surface of the setting.

Two other ways to save on a Clementsville, ID engagement ring diamond: 1) you can save nearly 20% by purchasing a stone that is just under an exact carat of weight. For example, purchase a 1.8k diamond, rather than a 2k diamond. 2) Sacrificing a bit of the quality can also provide savings. Many diamonds have inclusions that are hardly – or not even – visible to the naked eye. Purchasing these diamonds, rather than one that is absolutely perfect, will save money, plus allow you to purchase a larger diamond.

We wish you luck in your search for the perfect engagement ring in Clementsville, ID and hope that our advice helps you to narrow down your choices. If you are interested in having the engagement ring custom made, BC Custom Jewelry is here to guide you through the process.