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When you leave the house, someone else may be wearing the same clothes, but no one else will be wearing your custom-designed, finely hand-crafted piece of jewelry.

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There are so many reasons to visit the local Cullman, AL jewelry stores, but if you are looking to purchase a very special piece of jewelry for yourself or someone who is close to your heart, you may want to consider getting it custom made. Not to boast or brag, but BC Custom Jewelry has a bit of an edge over other jewelry stores in the Cullman, AL area, because we custom make most of the pieces that our customers purchase. In addition, we will never let one of our customers walk out of the door of our Cullman, AL jewelry store without knowing that they are completely satisfied – and hopefully elated – about their custom made piece.

What does that mean for you or the recipient of the jewelry that you are buying for? Have you ever worn a piece of jewelry from a Cullman, AL jewelry store for a special occasion and noticed that someone else was wearing the exact same piece? This is not a situation that is out of the ordinary, because most people who live in a certain area also shop in the same Cullman, AL jewelry stores, and most of the stores in the area sell hundreds of the same pieces.

This is the same for nationwide retail jewelry chains, so you can take a trip to New York City to attend a conference, for example, and run into someone from California wearing the same necklace that you are wearing, which was purchased in a Cullman, AL jewelry store. It may not be as embarrassing as wearing the same outfit or the same shoes, but when you wear your new piece of jewelry; the last thing you want is to run into someone wearing the same thing.

Get Something Unique

If you prefer to be unique and wear jewelry that no one else could possibly wear, then it is time for you to experience custom made jewelry. Forget about shopping in the Cullman, AL jewelry stores that you normally frequent and contact BC Custom Jewelry to see what we have to offer. We pride ourselves on crafting only the highest quality materials into our jewelry and making each customer ecstatic with each purchase.

Beyond making custom jewelry from scratch, here are a couple more things that we can do for you in regards to your precious jewelry:


Granted, pretty much any Cullman, AL jewelry store that you walk into can do jewelry engraving for you. Most jewelers are educated on how many letters can fit in an area, and how to carefully etch the special words into the metal. There are some things that you should know about engraving before you start thinking about what you want etched into your new (or even your old) piece of jewelry.

Have you always wanted your wedding rings – or another piece of special jewelry in your collection – engraved, but you just have not taken the time to do it? Maybe you do not want to take your wedding rings off to get it done. It may make you uncomfortable leaving your precious wedding bands and any other special piece of jewelry with someone that you do not know. Despite these feelings, which are absolutely normal, you have made the decision that you really want to get the engraving done.

Regardless of which type of jewelry you want engraved, BC Custom Jewelry can do it in a timely manner and make the end result come out perfectly. There is one very important thing to remember that other Cullman, AL jewelry stores may not tell you up front. Try to keep the engraving short, sweet and simple. The more letters that you want engraved into the metal, the smaller the letters will be and the more difficult it is going to be to read it.  

Adjusting a Setting or Resize a Band

The setting on your rings can become loose or bent over time, and while we understand that any of the jewelry stores in Cullman, AL can adjust a setting for you, we will assure you that you will not get as much special attention as we will provide you throughout the adjustment process. We treat every customer like they are family. If you need a setting adjusted or a band resized, we will spend the time with you to accurately assess exactly what you need before we start the work.  

BC Custom Jewelry is the jewelry store in Cullman, AL that will cater to your every whim. You do not have to worry about your precious pieces of jewelry when they are in our hands, because, unlike many other Cullman, AL jewelry stores, we are a small, family owned establishment. If you have yet to be impressed with the jewelry stores in Cullman, AL, it is definitely time to give BC Custom Jewelry a shot for all of your custom made jewelry needs.