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Parachute, CO jewelry stores

If you are looking for custom made jewelry in the butterfly capital of the world, jewelry stores in Parachute, CO are certainly readily available. However, if you are seeking a Parachute, CO jewelry store that will treat you like a celebrity by focusing on every detail of your new piece of jewelry, turn to BC Custom Jewelry for that top-of-the-line treatment. Not only will your needs and wants be discussed and considered, they will be brought to life in the form of precious metals and stones in our Parachute, CO jewelry store.

The Difference

What sets BC Custom Jewelry apart from other Parachute, CO jewelry stores? We are not your typical, large jewelry store that focuses on selling bulk jewelry. Rather, we focus on crafting only custom made jewelry pieces for each individual we work with. We do not offer a wide variety of ready-made jewelry pieces that you are forced to select from, like the majority of the jewelry stores in Parachute, CO. On the contrary, we create each order specifically designed from our customers’ thoughts and visions. Then, we take those thoughts and visions, the specially requested precious metals and gemstones, and we craft a real-life creation that we hope you will treasure the rest of your life.


Like other jewelry stores in Parachute, CO, often, our customers come to us when a special occasion is approaching and they are interested in having a custom made piece of jewelry made for that occasion, either for themselves or for someone who is deserving of the gift. While we cater to our customers for every single special occasion that they can possible come up with, there are definitely certain occasions that bring customers to jewelry stores in Parachute, CO more than others. The following are some of the special occasions that we have created custom made jewelry pieces for:

Mother’s Day

“Honoring thy mother” with a custom made piece of jewelry based on her favorite gemstones, her birthstone, or the birthstones of her children, is a true way of honoring her on her special day. Parachute, CO jewelry stores are obviously filled with people who are searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift shortly before the holiday approaches. However, if you plan ahead and refrain from waiting for the last minute answer to this holiday, you can bring a smile to her face with a custom made piece of jewelry that carries meaning and comes from the heart.

Mother’s Day is no longer limited to mothers. People are purchasing gifts for step-mothers, mother in laws, wives, and other special women in their lives. So, do not limit yourself to thinking about a custom made piece of jewelry for just your mother. Think about all of the special women in your life and how you could bring a smile to their faces with a piece of jewelry that reflects their personal style.

Valentine’s Day

Like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day floods jewelry stores in Parachute, CO, for quite similar reasons. People are seeking the perfect gift for that special woman in their life. What could be more special than a custom made piece of jewelry? You could ask your Valentine questions to find out what she would like in a piece of jewelry. Does she like yellow gold or white gold, or would she prefer silver? What are her favorite gemstones? What colors does she tend to wear or have an affinity for? You may just want to walk into a Parachute, CO jewelry store and just pick out a piece of jewelry and be done with it.

Or, you might be bold enough to take a shot in the dark and come up with an idea on your own for the Valentine’s Day gift. When you come to BC Custom Jewelry with your vision, you will never be let down or feel like you have settled for something less, because we work to ensure that your jewelry comes out exactly as you desire. And, when your recipient opens the wrapping and sees that the gift came from a box with the BC Custom Jewelry logo on it, we assure you that you will see a smile on her face before she even opens the box and sees what is inside.

Other Occasions

There are plenty of other special occasions throughout the year that jewelry is the perfect gift for. For example, weddings and birthdays always bring people flocking to Parachute, CO jewelry stores. Make sure that you pick the right jewelry store for your needs so that you will never regret your decision, because you are investing in a gift that should last a lifetime. Try BC Custom Jewelry once, and you will see that it will become your favorite, go-to Parachute, CO jewelry store for all of your special occasions.