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Federal-correctional-inst, GA jewelry stores

Many of the jewelry stores in Federal-correctional-inst, GA like to educate their customers on what is called the 4C’s of diamonds. We here at BC Custom Jewelry have also educated our customers on the 4C’s of diamonds, but we actually believe that everyone else is leaving a fifth – and very important – “C” out of the list. That “C”, in our opinion, is Care.

We are certain that if you asked any other jewelry store in Federal-correctional-inst, GA if Care is an important factor for diamonds, they will probably agree with us. Okay, so maybe not all Federal-correctional-inst, GA jewelry stores would agree, because the 4C’s are focused on judging a diamond before a price is set on it and the care of the diamond usually comes after it is purchased. But, we stand our ground and feel like Care should somehow be incorporated into the 4C’s, even though it doesn’t necessarily fit in with the other categories.

Our Federal-correctional-inst, GA jewelry store believes that Care of diamonds is vital, therefore we are going to explain, in-depth, how to care for your diamonds in this article. And, while other jewelry stores in Federal-correctional-inst, GA can leave this vital C-word out of the equation, our Federal-correctional-inst, GA jewelry store will continue to promote it as a crucial part of having a diamond and educate our customers about the care of diamonds so that they can maintain their gemstones at their optimal beauty.

Caring for your precious diamond jewelry pieces not only keeps them looking beautiful, it ensures that they are not damaged or lost, as well.


While some women are aware that diamonds should be cleaned, there are plenty of women who do not realize that these precious stones must be cleaned. You should seek to get them cleaned professionally at a Federal-correctional-inst, GA jewelry store about every six months or so to ensure that any buildup is removed. You wouldn’t believe how much dirt, dust, make-up and other debris we have seen accumulated on diamonds in our Federal-correctional-inst, GA jewelry store. Even soap can leave a film on diamonds that not only accumulates on the stones, but also reduces the natural shine that they emanate.

Most Federal-correctional-inst, GA jewelry stores offer professional cleaning for your diamond jewelry. Be sure to shop around to the various jewelry stores in Federal-correctional-inst, GA have a reputable name for professional cleanings before you take your diamonds to them. BC Custom Jewelry, your one-stop jewelry store in Federal-correctional-inst, GA, does offer professional cleaning at a very reasonable price whenever you need it. Just give us a call whenever you need our help in caring for your precious diamonds.

Caring for Your Diamond at Home

You can actually clean your diamond jewelry at home on a weekly basis. Not everyone is in the market to purchase an ultrasonic cleaner, which is the best way to clean your diamond jewelry regularly. (Keep in mind that if your diamond has any inclusions or cracks, an ultrasonic cleaner can make them worse.)

Another way that you can clean your diamond jewelry at home is with a clear liquid detergent and a toothbrush that has soft bristles. Use fresh water for rinsing, and then you can carefully polish your diamond jewelry with a dry microfiber cloth or even a chamois that is hanging around the house.

The Do’s and Don’t of Diamond Care

-        DO make sure that you separate your diamond jewelry from other types of jewelry when you are storing them in a jewelry box. Diamonds can scratch other diamonds, as well as other gemstones. You can either place your diamond jewelry in a pouch that is made of soft fibers or place it in its own spot.

-        DON’T participate in activities that can loosen the prongs or scratch your diamonds while you are wearing them. If you can take them off, you should, but if you must wear them during activities such as, for instance, gardening, be sure to wear gloves to protect them.

-        DO get your diamond jewelry professionally cleaned every six months.

-        DON’T apply perfumes, hair sprays, make-up or lotions while you are wearing your diamond jewelry. The chemicals that are in these products can seriously dull your diamonds.

-        DO get insurance on your diamond jewelry as soon as possible. You will not only be heartbroken about the financial loss if anything were to happen to your diamond jewelry, but you will also be hurt over the emotional loss. Ask several different insurance agencies for quotes to ensure that you get the best coverage for your money.  

As you can see, we do believe in caring for your diamond jewelry. We would love for you to visit our Federal-correctional-inst, GA jewelry store online if you are planning to purchase any new custom-made jewelry or need advice about the jewelry that you currently have.