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When you leave the house, someone else may be wearing the same clothes, but no one else will be wearing your custom-designed, finely hand-crafted piece of jewelry.

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If you have never been to a Moyie-springs, ID jewelry store that offers custom made jewelry, you are certainly missing out on some of the most unique jewelry you will ever see. Additionally, you have not experienced what it is like to have a custom made piece hand-crafted for you. BC Custom Jewelry specializes in crafting custom designed and made jewelry pieces that are personalized to suit your distinct tastes, while most Moyie-springs, ID jewelry stores offer mass produced jewelry.

You will notice as you search through the jewelry stores in Moyie-springs, ID that a large amount of the jewelry is marked with that familiar “made in China” description. You will not ever see that at BC Custom Jewelry. All of our jewelry pieces are made right here in Florida, by a skilled craftsman who will personally consult with you before he starts working on your design. If you have never experienced this type of customer service when purchasing jewelry, you have missed out!

Our Customers Receive Special Attention

BC Custom Jewelry works with each customer, one-on-one, to gather an intricate idea of the creativity and inspiration that they envision in each piece of jewelry. Each custom crafted piece of jewelry turns out to be as elegant and detailed as the customer desires, and each customer that wears our pieces are ecstatic about expressing their uniqueness at special occasions and even for every day wear. No other jewelry store in Moyie-springs, ID will come close to the level of customer service and personalization that we offer.

Custom Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

People rarely walk into a jewelry store in Moyie-springs, ID and immediately find the engagement ring or wedding band that is a perfect symbolic representation of their love and commitment to each other. As a matter of fact, most people find that they have to visit nearly all of the Moyie-springs, ID jewelry stores in order to gather a good idea of what they want. And then they still cannot settle on exactly one ring from any of the jewelry stores in Moyie-springs, ID.

This is where BC Custom Jewelry comes into the picture. You may find two or three rings that have the different features that you are seeking in different Moyie-springs, ID jewelry stores, but realize that you need something that is custom crafted to capture the perfect engagement ring or wedding band that expresses exactly how you feel about each other. If this happens, you can tell us about your love story, describe the different features of the rings that you do like from the jewelry stores in Moyie-springs, ID, or show us pictures on the Internet and we can custom design and craft the ring that you envision.

Custom Designed Jewelry – Enhance Old or Broken Pieces

Sometimes, you need a custom piece of jewelry that is made from scratch for a special occasion, or you may have a pendant in your jewelry box that needs a redesign. We have had customers come to us with bits and pieces of broken jewelry in their jewelry box and helped them redesign their pieces into custom, hand-crafted masterpieces that had them absolutely overjoyed. We can do the same for you if you want to restore some of the odds and ends that you have in your jewelry collection, and we will do it better than any other jewelry store in Moyie-springs, ID.

Giving Custom Made Jewelry

While flowers are beautiful and store-bought jewelry from a Moyie-springs, ID jewelry store can be easy to purchase (and does not require a lot of forethought), giving someone a custom made piece of jewelry for their birthday, anniversary, a graduation, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion is the epitome of thoughtfulness.

A one-of-a-kind custom crafted jewelry piece says that you care in ways that flowers and store-bought jewelry cannot. It shows that you thought about their personal style and taste and spent the time to come up with a design that fit them like a glove. We can design and hand-craft rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or even set a gemstone that you already have into a new setting. Give a custom made gift that speaks for itself like no other jewelry can in Moyie-springs, ID jewelry stores.

If you have read this entire article, then you are probably interested in getting some type of custom made jewelry designed. Before you take the leap and start working with a skilled craftsman who designs custom made jewelry, be sure to check out their reputation and ask for examples of their work.

BC Custom Jewelry is more than happy to provide you with not only examples of our work, but also provide you with testimonials from our customers. We do not stop working on a piece until the buyer is completely delighted, and we will do the same for you every time you come to us.