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Jordan, AR wedding bands

Have you been thinking about designing your own wedding band for your special day? You may have searched through all of the possible wedding bands in Jordan, AR, and still have not found anything that tickles your fancy. This is exactly why women turn to BC Custom Jewelry when they are seeking the perfect wedding band in Jordan, AR. We can craft the ring of your dreams and save you the trouble of visiting store after store after store in the Jordan, AR area for a wedding band that only comes close to your vision of the perfect wedding band.

Where to Start

If you have been looking around at wedding bands in Jordan, AR, you already know that there are several aspects to designing a wedding ring. You will be able to choose most of the features of your wedding band in Jordan, AR, but there is one characteristic of your ring that will be dependent on measurement only: the size. Let’s talk about the metals that you will need to select from to craft the Jordan, AR wedding band of your dreams.

Metal Type 

Usually, one of the first and foremost features that people think about when they are looking at wedding bands in Jordan, AR is the type of metal that they want the ring to be made of. While some women love the look of traditional yellow gold for their Jordan, AR wedding bands, other women decide that they would like something a bit different. White gold or rose gold bands provide totally different appeals to each wedding ring, while silver or platinum tends to weigh a bit more on the finger.

Metal Weight

It is important to understand the diverse characteristics that make each metal different before deciding which one will be the perfect choice. Each wedding band metal has a weight ranging from light to medium to heavy. For example, as we mentioned above, the gold falls into the medium category for weight, while the silver and platinum falls into the heavy category. If you are looking for something in the light category to fit on tiny, think fingers without weighing them down, titanium or palladium metals are the least heavy.

Scratch Resistance

You wouldn’t want anything to happen to your precious wedding band, so you definitely want to consider the scratch resistance characteristic of the metal that it is made of. The hardiest metals, in regards to scratch resistance, are black ceramic and tungsten, but those two metals are rarely chosen for wedding bands. Metals that are categorized as high scratch resistance, falling only one step lower than tungsten and black ceramic, include P4, silver & gold (mixed), vitalium, and palladium.

In the medium category, you will find cobalt chrome and platinum, and those with the lowest amount of scratch resistance are titanium, gold, stainless steel, and silver. Most women choose silver or gold for their wedding ring band metal, and while they are the most traditional, they tend to be softer metals that scratch more easily. However, have you ever heard of anyone who was proud and boasting about their black ceramic or tungsten wedding band in Jordan, AR?

Color Variety

You will also want to consider the color variety that each type of metal offers. Some metals only offer one color band, such as black ceramic, which is – you guessed it – black. Titanium will be gray, while cobalt chrome, stainless steel, vitalium, palladium and P4 are white. Silver will be silver, while platinum is a silvery-white. Tungsten comes in white, gray, black or classic. Silver & gold is a pretty gold-on-silver color metal. And the most traditional metal for wedding bands, gold, comes in white gold, yellow gold or pink gold.

Is it Re-Sizable?

Sometimes, a woman’s fingers can change size over time. She might lose or gain weight, which can affect her fingers, therefore requiring resizing of her wedding band. When choosing the right metal for your Jordan, AR wedding band, you are going to want to take into consideration whether the metal you have selected will be resizable if it becomes necessary.

Of the metals we have discussed for wedding bands in Jordan, AR, gold, P4, silver and gold combo, silver, platinum and palladium are all re-sizable. The rest of the metals cannot be resized. Therefore, this information may reduce your choices in metals drastically, because when you design your own wedding band, you should be thinking about what will last you forever.

Your Jordan, AR wedding band will be carefully crafted by BC Custom Jewelry, taking every aspect of what you want your wedding band to look and feel like into consideration. As you are searching through the available wedding bands in Jordan, AR, don’t forget that you are not limited to the ones that you see online or in the stores, because you can come to us and tell us exactly what you want and we will design your dream wedding band for you.